Welcome to cameronhunt.ca.

First, Id like to say that I’m thrilled that you are visiting here and have taken a few moments to read the ramblings of a mad scientist and a bodywork wizard.  I trust the discussion here it will be a little different than the usual, and quite informative to many of the sorts of issues we all face in our quest for heath and wellness.  But furthermore, I hope it will help you discover a better method, and a better philosophy of how to bring change and improve aspects of your life, in many ways. My sincere appreciation goes to you who are reading this, and I hope you enjoy it enough to keep coming back to read more soon.

*  My main reason for writing here is to tell you about the frontier of natural and holistic wellness practices. Not only to and help give you an edge to what you can do to feel better, think better, and live better, but also to hear about the new and innovative ways I’m able to help people resolve body problems that you might be able to relate to.  My overall mission in these writings is to demystify the practices of the oriental medicine, and add practical science to provide a more applicable method of healing, wellness and self-treatment.

There is a lot of undiscovered cross references between western kinesiology and eastern healing philosophy which I will aim to unfold, and repackage so you can take the absolute best of both fields to make a real difference to the way you practice self-care, approach fitness, and get the support to become your BEST SELF! 

On this journey you will see that I’m still learning too. I stand sometimes awe struck and wide eyed in wonder about life as it unfolds in front of me, and you will see a reflection of my own experiences through my writing….  But I’m always curious to make sense of it, or use myself as a testing ground to understand first hand how our mind and body relates to the environment around us. I cannot promise to always be correct, but I can promise to report an honest view on what I see, taste, touch, think, smell, hear, and feel. 

The part of my knowledge that I’m most excited to share and apply with you is Ki determination. It’s a part of a universal principle that was developed in about 2600BC, in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. This esoteric scripture created in China is an ancient medical text treated as the fundamental doctrinal source of Chinese medicine for more than 2 millennia.  It was the first time that the old shamanic beliefs of illness and disease we caused by demonic influences were invalidated, and instead the natural effects of diet, lifestyle, emotions, environment and age were considered as determinants of health and documented.  Ki Determination and/or “Feng Shui” is a formula that shows the natural cycle of energy in life. It uses references to nature… from a time when people related more closely to nature…   and seemingly found a relationship to the same natural forces affecting our world and functioning of the human mind, body and spirit.  As we explore this guide, we will try to use it to show how the human circuit works following stereotypical patterns and pathways that can controlled or nurtured to help resolve issues, remove pain, increase function, and become the best versions of ourselves.

Over the past 9 years I have given roughly 8550 shiatsu sessions and over 12 500 hours of bodywork. The success of my business has been the use of this tool of Ki Determination that I use to better understand where people need treatment and how they are better able attain their wellness goals. I defiantly did not create it, but I do consider the theories here as building a new house out of old stones.

I look forward to hearing you’re your honest responses. Please email [email protected]

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